How to Obtain Copies of Public Records

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We are supposed to keep copies of documents like marriage and birth certificates, but sometimes they get lost. The good news is that you can readily obtain a copy of the required document which is kept on record. It is now extremely easy to use the public records when the need arises. Find out how to do it.
The Process
The first step is to check where the document is held. Vital public records are usually archived and kept by the county clerk’s office. Some like divorce records, however, may be available only from courts. It all depends on the legislations governing the respective state and county. In general, it isn’t difficult at all to check the websites of both institutions to figure out which one has your papers and can provide a copy.
There are different ways to request a copy. In some cases, you can apply online directly via the institution’s website or by sending an email. In others, you will have to send a request by mail or visit the place personally. Keep in mind that while every person has the right to request a copy of a document in the public records, only people whose names are on it can obtain a certified copy.
Usually, there are various payment options available so you can choose the one which is most convenient to you. Just keep in mind that you cannot send cash in an envelope. You can include a check, however.
If you need to search a broader range of public records such as state ones, you may consider using an intermediary service. These are readily available online. Before using one, however, you must confirm that it is works in conjunction with the state authorities for providing information to the public.
The Cost
Usually, the fees charged by county clerk’s offices and courts are not big at all. Additionally, a private intermediary service should not be much more expensive. Just keep in mind that if you have more scarce initial information, you may have to pay more for the search. The other thing to note is that the shipping charges are always separate. Don’t forget to add them to the total cost.
The Required Information
The more details you have, the quicker and cheaper the search of the public records for your document will be. It is best if you have the number of the document and the names of the people that it concerns. The year and preferably the date of issuing should also come in very handy.

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