The Main Types of Police Records

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Among the different types of public records available, the police records can give you some of the most recent information. They are kept by city and town police departments and practically anyone can request a copy. Discover the main types of records under this category to get a clear idea of what details you will be able to obtain.
Accident Records
By definition, an accident is an adverse event caused by chance or by error. This gives you a clear idea of the types of police records which fall into the accident category. The list includes car crash and residential and commercial accident reports. For example, if a dryer causes a house fire and the police are called, they will produce an accident report which will be accessible to the public. It is worth noting that while the investigation runs, only the people who were involved in the accident or related third parties such as insurance companies may be able to access the information.
For obtaining accident records, you will need to provide a set of details which are usually well-known to those interested in the case. These include the date and location of the event and the name of at least one person who was involved in it. If you have a case number, this will make the search even easier and quicker for the staff of the local police department’s records unit. You should keep in mind that it may take several days for the copy to be produced and sent.
Offense and Incident Records
Incidents are adverse events which result from the actions of people who are aware that what they are doing could have negative effects. For instance, a domestic dispute is considered to be an incident. Offenses are incidents involving criminal intent. Some of the most commonly given examples include thefts and robberies. The police records covering offenses and incidents include a set of important details – the names of the victim, the complainant and the person or people arrested, if any, plus the date and location of the event. Again, the provision of the exact case number will help you to get the expected search results more quickly.
You should note that the police records containing offense and incident reports available to the public do not have any information regarding the investigation. At the same time, members of the public can request to obtain such details. Whether permission is granted depends on the state laws applicable in this situation.
Overall, even though police records usually contain a limited amount of information, they could be quite helpful.


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