Things to Know about Arrest Records before Searching Them

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The law states that arrest records are public. This means that any person can access them directly. In the past, you would have to go to a local office of the law enforcement authorities. Now most records are uploaded on the websites of these authorities so the information can be obtained directly over the internet. Any person can perform a search at any time. Before you do this, however, you should keep some important things in mind.
Database Specifics
It is important to know how large the database of arrest records is. Does it cover a city, a county or the entire state? Generally, the larger the database is the better. Otherwise, you may have to search several different ones in order to ensure that the search is perfectly thorough.
What period does the database cover? This is perhaps the most important detail of all. In general, law enforcement authorities keep records from date on which they were established unless these have been damaged or destroyed. However, the public databases and especially the online ones may cover much shorter periods of time.
You must check how many months and yeas back you can search especially if your goal is to create a full background profile. Generally, the deeper you can dig, the better. If you cannot find the information which you need online, you can readily pay a personal visit to the office where the arrest records are kept and read the documents on the spot.
Level of Detail
The information on the person who has been arrested is usually quite detailed. You can find his first, middle and last name plus his date of birth. Usually, there is information on the height and weight of the person and on the color of his eyes and hair. The current address of the person must be mentioned as well. You can expect to find a color photo which has been made after the arrest as well. This can be of great help to you when your reason for searching the arrest records is the protection of a loved one.
Information on all arrests should be entered in the public database regardless of the charges pressed against the person. These include arrests for driving under influence and domestic battery. The time and date of the arrest are duly noted and so is the case number. Details on what has actually happened are typically not available.
Use what you have learned to get all the information which you need from the arrest records.



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