Tips on Background Check Performance for Employers

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You want to ensure that you hire only trustworthy people who will contribute to the operations of your company in an effective way and become dedicated members of the team. For this, you have a thorough recruitment process based on the best modern practices. This process should definitely include the running of a background check on prospect employees. Find out how to make it perfect for your needs.
The Right Focus
In order to make the background check effective, you have to identify which details of the applicant’s past are most relevant to the respective employment position. It is mandatory for the criminal records to be searched. This will help you to ensure that you will not put people and assets at risk. The check should also include the financial history of the applicant if the position involves working with financial information, documents and instruments.
If relevant work experience is an essential factor for the free position, the check should cover the employment history of the applicant. You will benefit from getting all details on the previous jobs of the person from the taken position and the duration of the employment to achievements, awards and personal characteristics. It is definitely a good idea to talk to the referees included in the applicant’s resume in addition to checking their written references.
It is important to verify the job applicant’s academic qualifications. This is especially the case if they are fundamental for the position or the person is a recent graduate who has not had much work experience.
Timing and Efficiency
One of the major decisions which you have to make is when to perform the background check. It is best for this to be done after the assessment of the resumes and cover letters. Basically, you should check only the people who look good on paper.
The more difficult question is whether to run the check before or after the interview. The first option allows you to identify any inconsistencies in advance and to invite only the people who have passed the check. It is also possible to ask applicants about the inconsistencies during the interview. The second option allows you to check fewer people. It will also help you make the final hiring decision more easily.
Finally, you have to ensure that the background check is performed in a time-efficient manner. This will help you to save money and to hire the right person without wasting time. You would not want the recruitment process to be too long.

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